Puppy Potty Training Tips

So, my mother brought a puppy for Christmas. As the holiday season winds to a close, it is time to start seriously considering dog training for that little, lovable bundle of fur.
There are so much things you need to understand about dog training. I found this on the web:
- Don't look on potty training puppies as the unpleasant or messy side of owning a puppy. Rather see it as the first stage of a bonding process. One that will result in a happy and healthy relationship. That is the real reward of house training a dog.
- Start potty training as soon as you get your puppy home. But remember they don't yet have full control of their bladder and bowel functions.
Feeding should take place at the same times every day. Do not feed with four hours of bedtime and withdraw the water bowl two hours before bedtime. A routine is essential. That means you too have to stick to a routine by getting up and going to bed at the same time every day.
- Do not play with them until they have eliminated.
- Simply taking your dog out in the backyard a few times every day is not the way to potty train a puppy. After all, how do they know what they are being taken outside for?
- Features your dog potty must have: It should be easy to clean. Have a splash back. Have a post for him to aim at. Be big enough for when he grows up.
- For indoor use, it's much cheaper to use newspaper under the grill of a dog potty than any of the pad, gel or litter type products.
- Restrict his access to the house until he's house trained. A small room with an easy to clean floor and a baby gate is ideal.
- Puppies get accustomed to the surface they eliminate on. So don't change this until he's fully house trained.
- The paper training method is the best technique if your puppy has to relieve itself indoors. It works even better when you use an indoor potty instead of paper.
- Nature's miracle stain and odor remover is great for cleaning up and eliminating the puppy's scent.
- Thoroughly clean up and deodorize anywhere there are any accidents. Otherwise he will eliminate there again.
- Feed your puppy and play with him anywhere he has had any accidents. This will help prevent him eliminating in the same spot again.
- Everyone involved must use the same training methods or it will confuse your puppy and it will take longer to house break him.
- Give your puppy frequent attention during this critical period. If you find he's having too many accidents, it probably means you are leaving him unattended for too long at a time.
Do not build up more stress by scolding--that just makes things worse. Again, work on teaching simple obedience and building the teacher-learner relationship. Puppies need a calm, dependable master.

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